Grow Box and Hydroponic Systems Manufacturer Begins Carrying LED Grow Glasses

Grow Box and Hydroponic Systems Manufacturer Begins Carrying LED Grow Glasses Method 7 offers the world’s ultimate optical tool for indoor growers using LED lights, providing “Perfect Color” with the patent pending Rendition Technology. This Technology was developed so people who work under LED Grow lights can protect their eyes and see the full range of natural colors. LED lights are the most efficient light sources on the market for … Read More →

Hydroponics System Manufacturer Introduces New Compact Hydroponic Cloner

Hydroponics system manufacturer, SuperCloset, has just released the SuperCloner – 14 to its line of easy to use, complete and automated hydroponic cloner. It is perfect for germination, transplanting, cloning and even vegetative work in either an indoor growing enclosure or a window farm. The SuperCloner-14 is designed as a fully automated fourteen site hydroponic cloner that will maximize germination and cloning and guarantee success rates for up to 14 seeds … Read More →

LED Grow Lights For Sale – Initial Demand Far Exceeds Supply

The demand for KIND LED’s L600 LED Grow Lights For Sale is so great that its distributor, SuperCloset, cannot currently meet sales requests from retailers and individual customers. The Kind LED Grow Lights are the most advanced LED grow lights for sale on the market today, and hence has sold out for the near term. The KIND K3 L600s LED grow lights for sale have sold out because of a … Read More →

SuperCloset SuperPonics Best Hydroponic System Featured in Texas University Study

We here at SuperCloset are proud to have donated our SuperPonics 16 Best Hydroponic System to Tarleton State University in Texas to facilitate the study of Plant Uptake of Sulfamethazine under Hydroponic Conditions SuperCloset’s Best Hydroponic System is breaking new ground once again, as it was requested by the Tarleton State University for use in their newest hydroponic study.  SuperCloset is recognized as a worldwide leader in hydroponic systems, setups, … Read More →

LED Grow Cabinet Leading the Way to Bigger Yields at Lower Electricity Costs

LED grow cabinet systems manufacturer, SuperCloset, has released the LED SuperNova, the largest LED grow cabinet on the market today. The increase in grow space and electricity cost savings provided by the LED lighting system enables the SuperNova to be one of the most sought after hydroponic grow boxes.   The SuperNova LED Grow Cabinet stands at 78” tall is 46” wide and 24” deep. It is a behemoth of … Read More →

SuperCloset Embraces the 2013 Best LED Grow Light, Kind LED Grow Lights

The KIND LED Grow Light, proudly distributed by SuperCloset, is considered to be the 2013 Best LED Grow Light. The key feature of the KIND LED Grow Light K3 Series is the 3-watt diode clusters that emit a perfect 12 band spectrum that encompasses the most plant-friendly Photosynthetic Active Radiation (PAR) wavelengths, which plants need during photosynthesis.   A key point about the KIND K3 series “12 Band Perfect Spectrum” … Read More →

SuperCloset LED Grow Light Kit Now Contains the KIND LED K3 Series

LED grow light kit and grow box manufacturer, SuperCloset, has begun to include the KIND LED K3 series in their turnkey hydroponic led growl light kit grow cabinets and hydroponics systems. The LED grow light kit is becoming more prevalent as the setup of choice for the hobby grower in confined spaces that generally are reserved for off the shelf grow boxes and grow cabinets produced by companies like SuperCloset. … Read More →

Best Cabinet Grow Box Manufacturer, SuperCloset, Achieves Another Transactional Milestone

Best cabinet grow box manufacturer, SuperCloset, just sold its 11,000th cabinet grow box. The leading cabinet grow box manufacturer reached this transactional milestone through its commitment to integrity and the most innovative, user-friendly, high-quality component driven indoor gardening products. There have been a lot of companies over the years that have come and gone in our industry, states CEO Kip Andersen, but we recognized early on that being innovative and … Read More →

Best Grow Tent Manufacturer Highlights Maximum Yield’s Indoor Hydro Grow Show

Best grow tent manufacturer, Gorilla Grow Tent, will be showcasing their extensive line of premium grow tents this weekend, October 26th to 27th at the Maximum Yield Indoor Garden Expo in Long Beach, CA. Gorilla Grow Tent representatives will be on site to speak about grow tent set-up, grow tent packages and grow tent design. The final stop on the ‘Grow Like a Pro’ Indoor Gardening Expo will be a … Read More →

SuperCloset Improves the Design of the Bubble Flow Buckets Which Were Awarded Best Hydroponic System

SuperCloset, the leading hydroponic system and grow cabinet manufacturer, has just improved the design of its most popular hydroponic system, the Bubble Flow Buckets, which had already been awarded Best Hydroponic System. The new buckets are now square and fabricated with custom molded, UV Stable Food Grade plastic that also increases the capacity of the buckets by 25% to 6.6 gallons. The new Awarding Winning, Bubble Flow Bucket improvements also … Read More →