Easy guide to Germination for Indoor Growing

In our Easy guide to Germination this week lets tackle the questions on germination for indoor growing and its vital role in starting plant life. Creating the appropriate environment for our seeds to flourish in its most volatile growth stage is extremely important.  We want to create a dark, warm, and humid environment to provide our seeds the optimal environment for success.
Lets start with what you need.
  • Grow medium (The SuperPro GrowTech preferred medium is rock wool cubes)
  • Seedling tray with a humidity dome
  • PH kit to measure your PH balance and make any adjustments

Step by Step Guide to Germination.

  1. First you will want to place your rock wool cubes in your tray.
  2. Seed Inspection:  A visual inspection of our seeds condition is important. We inspect the health of our seed, Looking for cracks, size, color, and texture. Once our seeds have past our visual inspection we want to condition our grow medium.
  3. To do this, we will want to test and PH balance your water between 5.5-6.5 range. You can adjust up or down with our SuperCloset PH Balance kit.
  4. Once your water is balanced we will soak your rock wool cubes until they are good and moist.
  5. Then we will place our seeds with in our grow medium so that they are completely covered with in the rock wool.  *you will need to place rock wool over the top of your insertion point to completely cover, providing our seeds with a dark, warm, and moist environment.
  6. Cover your seedling tray with a Humidity Dome to ensure higher levels of humidity which allow our seedlings to come to life.
  7. Sit in a dark and warm area, ideally 78-85 degrees for 3-5 days
  8. After 3-5 days your seedlings should have “Popped” (broken the grow medium surface) which is the beginning of life and you should be excited….. but you are not out of the woods just yet.
  9. Once they have popped it is important to prop up your young seedlings with a twisty tie to expose the lower portion of their stem and prepare them for life with light.
  10. Remove the Humidity Dome
  11. In this next stage of your seedlings we will add light for 24/7 (A T5 Florescent light is preferred).  Your seedlings will appear droopy for the first few days coming out of complete darkness but will thrive towards the light with a little help being propped up with a twisty tie.
  12. Keep your seedlings in this stage fro 7-10 days or until healthy white roots appear below the bottom of your rock wool. This is how you know you are ready to move into Vegetation stage.
Please check out our Germination Video HERE or call a SuperPro GrowTech for additional grow tips and insight 877-476-9787.