Grow Like A SuperPro Ep. 1 - Choosing Your Setup

Covers various types of setups, lighting options, hydroponic methods, and other components needed for successful grows.

Grow Like A SuperPro Ep. 2 - Germinating

You will learn about pH testing, TDS reading, seed selection, ideal conditions, setup options, and much, much more!

Grow Like A SuperPro Ep. 3 - Transplanting

Learn the who, what, when, where, and why of transplanting in this comprehensive look at taking your sprouts from their germination station to their permanent and productive new home.

Grow Like A SuperPro Ep. 4 - Nutrients

Learn about N-P-K ratings, micro and macro nutrients, how to identify deficiencies and surpluses, and much more than you would ever need to know about feeding your growing plants.

Grow Like A SuperPro Ep. 5 - The Vegetative Stage

Includes length of the vegetative stage, appropriate nutrients, ideal environment, appropriate lighting and light cycle, watering schedules, pruning, topping, trellising, tie downs, and plant attributes.

Grow Like A SuperPro Ep. 6 - Cloning

We will define cloning, provide the benefits, let you know when to clone, what to clone, and how to clone. We discuss “mother” plants, perpetual grows, lighting and nutrient requirements, and much more!

Grow Like A SuperPro Ep. 7 - Flowering

Learn all about plant reproduction, photoperiodism, pollinating, culling, monoecious vs. diecious plants, and of course ideal flowering conditions.

Grow Like A SuperPro Ep. 8 - Harvesting

In this episode, we teach you how to not screw it all up in this final little piece of the hydroponic puzzle.

Grow Like A SuperPro Ep. 9 - Molds, Pests, & Mildew

In this episode we will arm you with the skills and knowledge necessary to thwart thrips and expunge spider mites, as well as discuss the other major plant perils that can ruin your day.