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Grow Cabinet

Grow cabinets are the perfect choice for discreetly growing indoors. Each SuperCloset cabinet is lockable, durable, discreet (it looks exactly like an office filing cabinet), and quiet.

Grow Room

Grow Rooms are the best value per square foot of growing space. Our SuperRooms are packable (easy to store and transport), expandable (increase height for bigger growth), and durable.

Why Supercloset is the World’s Best-Selling Grow Cabinet

Deluxe LED Smart Grow Cabinet

Grow Cabinets

Maximum Yield. Minimum Space.

Award winning, all inclusive, fully automated grow systems that come with everything you need to effectively grow indoors.

SuperCloset Grow Rooms

Grow Rooms

Professional Setups.
Made Simple.

Fully optimized complete grow packages for all skill levels.

SuperPonics Fusion of Hydroponic Technologies

Innovative Technology

A Perfect Fusion of Proven
Hydroponic Methods

Grow Like A SuperPro!

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Never Grow Alone

Take the guesswork out of growing with the free lifetime customer, technical, and grow support from the experts at SuperCloset and gain access to our complete 9-episode seed-to-harvest grow series ‘Grow Like A Super Pro’

For a limited time: the entire series is available for only $19.95!

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