LED Grow Lights For Sale – Initial Demand Far Exceeds Supply

The demand for KIND LED’s L600 LED Grow Lights For Sale is so great that its distributor, SuperCloset, cannot currently meet sales requests from retailers and individual customers. The Kind LED Grow Lights are the most advanced LED grow lights for sale on the market today, and hence has sold out for the near term.

K3 L600 2

The KIND K3 L600s LED grow lights for sale have sold out because of a couple of key features. The main feature of the Kind led grow lights for sale is the 12 band perfect spectrum that encompasses the most plant-friendly Photosynthetic Active Radiation (PAR) wavelengths that plants are most likely to use during photosynthesis. A key point about the KIND K3 “12 Band Perfect Spectrum” spectral bands is that they almost exclusively reside between 440-480 on the blue side of the electromagnetic spectrum and between 620-680 on the red side of the spectrum. The KIND LED K3 mainly focuses intensity in these zones of the overall spectral range because the peak photosynthesis during the vegetative phase occurs in the blue range and peak photosynthesis during the flowering phase occurs in the red side. In addition, the KIND K3 LED perfect spectrum offers coverage in the 510-610 green light range as plants readily use 80-90% of green light which is absorbed deeply by carotenoids which encourages leaf thickening and bud production.
Another feature of the Kind LED grow lights for sale that contributed to the heightened demand is the Secondary Optical Lens. Most other LED grow lights for sale only possess one optical lens. The KIND LED K3 series possesses a revolutionary “Secondary Optical Lens” for maximum photosynthetic penetration from plant top to base, considerably increasing “under canopy” production and yield. The Secondary Optical Lens of the K3 series enables the indoor gardener to reap as much from the plant as possible per harvest. Every indoor grower wants to get as much from their harvested plants as possible.

The Kind LED grow lights for sale will be back in stock in early February. To learn more about the KIND LED grow lights for sale go to: http://supercloset.com/product/grow-lights/k3-l600-led-grow-lights-for-sale/.

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About SuperCloset:

SuperCloset products are perfect for the novice hobbyist through master grower as every imaginable high quality component comes with the grow boxes and hydroponics systems. Because of the excellent layout design and support material included with each system, most SuperCloset customers are up and growing within 90 minutes of receiving their product. SuperCloset takes the guesswork out of growing so their customers can focus on the fun and not the fabrication of indoor gardening systems.

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