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SuperLocker Smart Grow Cabinet

 GrowCam Included

The SuperLocker Smart Grow Cabinet is the ultimate in stealth. This cabinet’s appearance is familiar to anyone who remembers the days of walking the halls of their school, yet contains your amazing seed to harvest grow inside. Nobody will be the wiser to the contents of this incredibly powerful and compact dual-chamber system.

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The New SuperLocker Smart Grow Cabinet

  • Amazing yields. Minimal Space.
  • At 15” wide, 24” deep and 66” high, this Smart Grow Cabinet can fit almost anywhere
  • Dual growing chambers allow for perpetual harvest cycle
  • Holds up to 8 veg/flower plants with the Superponics 8
  • 14 cloning sites in the SuperCloner 14 means you’ll have more than you need
  • Activated carbon air filtration allows for discrete growing
  • Sturdy construction and locking door provides a completely safe and secure grow
SuperLocker Dimensions
13 Time Gear of the Year WInner
  • SuperCloset is a 13X Gear of The Year Winner with a proven track record of quality and expertise
  • 1-Month Warranty and Free 5 Day/Week Lifetime Customer, Technical, and Grow Support
  • Growing Success – Our team of expert growers will teach you everything you need to know from seed to harvest
  • Free nine-episode video tutorial gets you growing immediately

Control your Lighting and Watering Schedules with the new Smart app!

  • App integration allows complete control of your grow light timer and watering schedule
  • Seamlessly transition between different stages of growth from your smartphone or tablet
  • Add the WIFI GrowCam upgrade to check on your grow from anywhere in the world
Smart App Controlled Features

Exploring the Cloning Chamber

Your Cloning Chamber will give you 100% Cloning Success. Powered by a cool white 6500k light, it’s perfect for seedlings, clones, mothers, as well as early vegetative growth, and integral for Continual Harvesting Cycles.

  • Holds your 14-Site SuperCloner, which enables effective germination, cloning, and early vegetative growth.
  • Chamber houses one 24w T-5 fluorescent bulbs. At 6500k, it is perfect for your new plants.

Exploring the Vegetative/Flowering Chamber

  • Available in Hydroponics and Soil configurations
  • Features a Kind LED K3 Series 2 XL300 and Smart-Tech control
  • Activated carbon scrubber for complete air filtration
  • Adjustable internal circulation fan for essential cross airflow distribution
  • Internal digital Hygrometer and Thermometer, to retain clean cabinet appearance while monitoring your grow environment
  • Anti-mold, reflective, removable, and adjustable panels provide optimal light distribution and cleanliness
  • Uses up to 20% less energy and operates more efficiently than other systems
  • Just one plug into your wall, configured for standard 110v grids
  • Secure key locking door protects your indoor garden
  • Yield up to 30% more growth with exclusive Net Trellis

Choose How You Grow

SuperPonics 8 Hydroponic System

SuperPonics Hydroponics System

  • Accommodates up to 8 small plants in the vegetative/flower chamber
  • Accommodates up to 14 clones or seedlings in the cloning chamber
  • Fully automated SuperPonics system grows your plants up to 5x faster, bigger, and easier than traditional methods by combining Top Feed, Deep Water Culture, Bubble and Aeroponics
  • SuperPonics 8 reservoir holds up to 5 gallons of nutrient rich water and is incredibly easy to maintain
  • Cutting edge watering system eliminates clogged drippers, constant cleaning, and random dead plants
  • Strongest roots and plant structure possible. Leave for days without worry
Soil Option

Traditional Soil or Soil Substitute

  • Accommodates up to 2 five-gallon soil pots in the vegetative/flower chamber
  • Accommodates up to 14 clones or seedling in the cloning chamber
  • Easy care-free maintenance, feeding, and watering
  • Choose your soil or soil substitute grow medium
  • Great introduction to indoor growing while providing forgiving, steady growth

SuperCloset has been the most highly awarded, most complete, #1 selling grow system manufacturer since 2002, with everything you need to grow, an A+ rating from the BBB, and lifetime expert grow support. Grow easier, healthier, bigger, and better than any other grow system in the industry!

Included Components

Included with Hydroponic Systems Only

SuperPonic 8 Hydroponic Grow System
Your Fully Automated SuperPonics System will grow faster than any single method of hydroponics. This hydroponic system combines both Top Feed Watering and Bottom Feed Oxygenation causing your plants to THRIVE and grow at rates you truly never thought possible. You are also adding safety to your grows because if either method fails, your plants will still be getting more love than they do from competitors’ single method systems. SuperPonic Hydroponic Systems grow your plants up to 2 times faster than any single hydroponic method, and up to 5 times faster than growing in soil.

132 Gallon Per Hour Water Pump
Our 132 GPH (gallon per hour) pump is the heart and flow of our unique hydroponic systems. Its powerful, oil free high magnetic rotor, ceramic shaft, and bearing insures reliability and quiet operation. Plug it into its designated timer and you have your own personal robotic gardener making certain that your plants never go thirsty again.

Premium 2-Port Air Pump
Very quiet, yet extremely powerful. This strong and durable pump is widely used to provide oxygen in hydroponic systems and is convenient to operate without oil or noise.

Clay Grow Rocks
The simple addition of this reusable secondary medium translates into more robust plants that will ultimately lead you to greater yields. By giving your roots a course, porous, and absorbent material through which to weave, you are providing a much more solid and stable foundation, allowing your plant to grow thicker, bigger, and stronger.

Included with Soil Systems Only

Two 5 Gallon Soil Pots
They’re soil buckets, what can you say? Actually, plenty. These heavy duty pots feature a reinforced rim making them strong enough to pick up with heavy plants. They feature a side and bottom drain design for superior drainage and offer a wide base for increased stability and the development of a more robust root mass. Trust us, these soil pots are tops.

Bond Moisture Meter
Take the guesswork out of knowing when your plants need water. The included Bond Moisture Meter will quickly and accurately measure the water content of your soil at all levels in the soil pot. Easy to read display will tell you when your babies need that sweet, sweet nectar of the gods. No batteries needed.

Included with All Systems

NEW! KIND K3 XL300 Series 2 LED Grow Light (300w Equivalent)
The all new KIND K3 XL Series is designed with the hobbyist, home grower in mind, but packs the punch of the perfectly tuned spectrum and intensity commercial growers have come to rely upon from the award-winning K5 Series, providing unmatched quality and yield at harvest.

Taking cues from it’s best-in-class big brother, the NEW K3 XL Series offers the same unprecedented results as the K5 Series with secondary optical lenses and a new expanded perfect 12-band spectrum in an easy to use, plug n’ play, seed to harvest fixture.

The NEW K3 XL Series from KIND LED will improve nearly every aspect of your grow…

  • Amplified quality and potency, with newly enhanced UV diodes to increase terpene and flavor profiles
  • Significantly increase flower density and harvest weight with re-calibrated secondary optical lenses that focus light intensity and deliver 200% greater canopy penetration.
  • Optimized diode distribution reduces the hots spots commonly found in LED grow lights, resulting in balanced, rapid growth across the entire footprint.

WIFI GrowCam
New for 2019! SuperCloset Grow Systems now have the option to include the WIFI GrowCam! This sleek, simple, and high-quality camera will give you access to see your grow at any time from your smartphone or tablet without disturbing your precious plants. With night vision, timelapse and live feed options this amazing GrowCam will let you show off your hard to your envious friends and help you track your progress.

T-5 Supplemental Side Lighting
The perfect cool spectrum supplement to your overhead LED light. Compliment your spectrum, increase your under canopy production, and fill out your fruits and flowers.

SuperCloner 14-Site System
This SuperCloner gives your new plants just what they are looking for in their early stages of life. This Deep Water Culture hydroponic system promotes rapid, luscious white root development! Germinate, clone, and vegetate your plants to their perfect transplanting condition.

High Output Fluorescent Lighting
This T5 high output fluorescent strip light is the smart choice in T5 lighting fixtures. This two foot 24W fluorescent light provides 6500K of light for your precious plants. It produces a spectrum that is perfect for the early stages of growth and is ideal for your seeds, clones, and mothers!

Trellis system
A trellising system increases your yields up to 30%, as well as greatly maximizing your quality as well. Trellises help support, partition, and train your plants creating equal spacing from each other and assist in the formation of a nice, even canopy, ensuring even light distribution and absorption for each and every plant.

Adjustable Internal Circulation Fan
Another reason the SuperCloset is the top performing grow box on the market is because we maximize airflow. This all-important feature, which is strangely absent in other systems, recreates the wind that passes through a blossoming outdoor garden. The easily adjusted height and tilt angle allow you to always have this gentle breeze blowing the ideal height above your plant’s canopy.

Industrial Grade Carbon Filter
Basil? What basil? Our seamlessly designed carbon filter eliminates all odor emanating from inside all of our products. It lasts up to two years before needing replacement and ensures the air around your cabinet is as clean as your corporate office. Cleaning is easy!

Digital Thermometer / Hygrometer
This handy device gives you the ability to make certain that you are providing your plants with their ideal environment. Effectively measures indoor/outdoor temperature and indoor humidity. Stores the min/max values of your temperature and humidity. Switch between °C and °F. Clock function. 12/24 hour mode switch. Includes a waterproof temperature probe.

App-Controlled Smart Timers
New for 2019! Now your SuperCloset Grow System can be controlled through your smartphone or tablet. By simply downloading the app, you have access to set, customize, and control your grow light schedule from anywhere. If you choose the hydroponics option, you will also have control of the water pump timer allowing you to set the perfect top feeding schedule for your plants at any stage of growth. Never before has it been easier to move through the stages of your grow to a perfect harvest!

TDS Meter
Is your water source suitable for hydroponics? Did you add the appropriate amount of nutrients? Find out quickly and easily with this digital Total Dissolved Solids Meter. The TDS-EZ has a large and easy-to-read LCD screen. The translucent blue housing is strong and durable and includes a convenient color chart explaining TDS values related to water purity.

General Hydroponics pH Control Kit
Is your pH off today? Well, it won’t be if you use our pH Control Kit made by General Hydroponics. The kit contains 8 ounces of pH Up, 8 ounces of pH Down, 1-ounce indicator and vial. Each system comes with this kit that keeps your reservoir contents in perfect harmony.

10 Socket Industrial Power Strip
Power surges and lightning strikes are not the only things that can damage your home workshop equipment. Simply switching your workshop tools on and off can create electrical imbalances that could cause cumulative, permanent damage to your valuable equipment. The Belkin Industrial Power Strip provides clean, safe, and balanced power from 10 grounded outlets.

GFCI Shock Buster
Safety first! That’s our mantra here at SuperCloset, and why we include a GFCI plug adapter with every one of our products. Extremely easy to operate and a must have for eliminating electronic malfunctions that may occur whenever water is adjacent to electrical components.

Rock Wool Cubes
What is rock wool? Rock wool is spun granite and wicks like nothing you have ever seen before. Roots find a nice comfortable healthy home in our cubes and once they get their legs, they easily poke through to find, and latch onto the surrounding course, porous clay rocks to start a healthy and stable foundation.

NEW! Lotus Premium Plant Nutrients Starter Kit
LOTUS Premium Plant Nutrients were scientifically developed by Northern California growers with decades of medicinal plant cultivation experience. LOTUS Nutrients is a more complete, 3 part nutrient line that replaces the need for complex 8-10 part recipes. The pure, 3 part system gives your plants everything they need to for development from seed to harvest, giving you unmatched results in flowering and fruiting plants. Specifically formulated for medicinal plants and comprised of 15 unique raw, natural ingredients including 13 essential macro and micro elements as well as raw materials including seaweed plant extract, humalite, and plant protein hydrolysate. LOTUS Nutrients are 100% water soluble formula milled and blended to provide perfect consistency and contains no binders, fillers, or dyes. The LOTUS Starter Kit comes with Pro Series Grow, Boost and Bloom nutrients and will get you growing seed to harvest from day one!

Optional Enhancements

Super CO2 Kit

Includes a solenoid, regulator, timer, and injection tubing. Along with light and water, CO2 is an essential component of effective photosynthesis. Sure your plants can pull CO2 from the atmosphere, but when you spoon feed it to them in great abundance, they get very full, and when they get very full, they produce VERY full fruits and flowers for you. Introducing CO2 into your setup can increase your yields by up to 30%!

Total Germination Package

Are the novelty seeds you want to grow hard to find? Are your obscure seeds of choice pricey? Do you want to ensure that every one of your precious starters makes it through to harvest? Well then, you NEED the Total Germination Package! This package includes EVERYTHING that you need in order to maximize your chances of having all of your precious babies blossom into adolescence. You will be able to significantly increase your germination success percentages with this all-inclusive kit. The Total Germination Package includes a Seedling Tray; Humidity Dome, Seedling Heat Mat, Heat Mat Thermostat and Rock Wool Cube Medium.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

Produces up to 300 GPD (gallons per day) ultra-pure, low PPM water. Removes 98%+ of chlorine and contaminants. Wastes approximately 50% less water than other RO Systems. Everything included in the box for quick hook-up. Customized for gardening and hydroponics. *Based on 77° F 60 psi, 550 ppm inlet water. Includes: 4-Stage RO Unit, 2 RO Membranes, Carbon Filter, Cleanable Sediment Filter, Automatic Shut-Off Cartridge, Wall Mountable Metal Bracket, Garden Hose Connector, ln-line Shut-Off, 8 ft. RO & Drain Line, 5 ft. Inlet Line, Filter Wrench, Instructions. Unit size: 16.5’’ x 14” and weight: 9.8 lbs. Limited 1 year warranty. Filter is ideal for well water users with iron and sulfur and city water users with chloramines.

BlueLab Guardian Monitor

The BlueLab Guardian is a great all around meter that measures all three critical parameters to successful growth; pH, total conductivity, and temperature. With its large illuminated digital display it is easy to read from a distance. While SuperCloset’s standard systems include components to check on and manage these variables, the BlueLab Guardian gives you a constant reading of all three on one super cool LCD display panel.

Method 7 LED Growing Glasses

LED lights cast an appealing space age, purple glow, and while this looks super cool in the moment, the lighting tends to have an adverse effect on your vision for several minutes following. In addition to this, the dramatic glow of these lights prohibits you from seeing your plant with its natural color, making it difficult to gauge the true condition of your plants. Method 7 has created a phenomenal solution to this dilemma, one that you must see to believe. Method 7 offers the world’s ultimate optical tool for indoor growers using LED lights, providing “Perfect Color” with the patent pending Rendition Technology. This Technology was developed so people who work under the harsh conditions of LED lighting can protect their eyes and see the full range of natural colors.

The Kind LED Difference

This SuperCloset LED Grow Cabinet uses a Kind LED K3 Series grow light, the perfect choice for growing in a grow box or grow cabinet. It took years to find the right LED company to feature in this perfected stealth LED grow cabinet. Kind LED K3 Series lights are comprised of 3 watt LEDs with a proprietary spectrum made for flowering large yields while consuming approximately 1/2 the electricity of HID grow lights and producing virtually no heat. This makes your SuperCloset run quieter (because of fewer fans), cooler, and more energy efficiently than any other LED grow box on the market today.

A Little Kindness Goes A Long Way

  • KINDEST SPECTRUM – Proprietary 12 Band Complete “Perfect Spectrum” Powered by 3 Watt Diodes
  • KINDEST YIELDS – 700 mA Driving Current Increases Diode Efficiency and Output, Resulting in a Brighter, Higher Yielding Footprint
  • KINDEST INTENSITY – Secondary Optical Lens Magnifies PAR and Increases Canopy Penetration By Up to 200%
  • KINDEST QUALITY – Extra Large Heat Sinks, Quiet Fans, Precision Drivers, Superior Craftsmanship.

LED Lights vs. HPS Lights

Kind LED grow lights use only about half the electricity as HPS lights, and produce much more yield per watt. Many studies have even show an increase in oil production and quality, closer inter-nodal spacing, and denser fruits and flowers. Also, because Kind LED grow lights produce less heat, they do not need to be air-cooled like HPS lights, therefore eliminating the need for additional fans, which also makes them run quieter. Kind LED lights run cool, so cool in fact, that no additional temperature control equipment is needed besides the internal circulation fans. Lower light temperatures lead to a much more easily maintained ideal grow environment in which your plants would thrive. Because the individual diodes of a Kind LED light are set to a specific color and in a specific proportion, we are able to emit the exact spectrum that a developing plant would need to thrive, with little to no waste. The 12 band complete spectrum is designed to perfectly match the growth needs of your plants. SuperCloset customers will be able to save on electrical consumption, keep their setup cooler, and perhaps most importantly, experience a marked increase in the quality of their fruits, flowers, and vegetables.

Kind LED vs. Other Similar LED Companies

LED lights are made up of many small LEDs, or light emitting diodes, that each project one specific wavelength of the electromagnetic scale. We interpret this as the visible (although sometimes invisible) color of a diode. Plants use and absorb an array of colors from 400nm to 700nm in order to carry out photosynthesis. Many LED companies only use 2-3 of the primary colors needed for photosynthesis and plant growth. Plants that are not receiving their complete lighting spectrum needs can become leggy and produce only wispy flowers. Kind LED Grow Lights feature a complete 12-band spectrum that provides your plants every lighting component needed for robust and complete growth, throughout all stages of their life cycle. Another major Kind advantage is the use of the revolutionary “secondary optical lens” which penetrates deep into the plant canopy to reach secondary and tertiary levels, thus maximizing yields by creating a higher overall number of viable dense flowering sites.

Kind LED 3 watt diodes running at a 700ma driving current incorporate the perfect blend of intensity, efficiency, durability, and low operating temperature, making them the superior choice. Many other LED brands run with lower diode wattages and lesser driving currents, making them an inferior option when compared with Kind LED Grow Lights. Kind LED grow lights are the ONLY 3 watt grow lights that feature a 12 bandwidth full spectrum LED panel, a secondary high intensity optical lens, and 2 cm aluminum circuit boards.

Unlike Other Lights, Kind LED Grow Lights….

  • Use a proprietary 12 bandwidth spectrum comprised of 3 watt diodes that run at 700mA. Lesser LED grow lights run at 500mA with only a 6 bandwidth spectrum.
  • Have thick, heavy duty 2 CM aluminum heat sinks that dissipate heat much more efficiently than other LED lights, making Kind LED lights run more effectively and cooler leading to longer life spans and increased performance.
  • Feature a revolutionary “Secondary Optical Lens” for maximum photosynthetic penetration from plant top to base, considerably increasing “under canopy” production and yield.
  • Will match or outperform any other 3 watt LED grow light, including much higher-priced brands. GUARANTEED!

Kind to you. Kind to your plants. Kind to the environment. Grow Kind.

37 reviews for SuperLocker Smart Grow Cabinet

  1. Bo Jo

    This is where I keep my gym equipment.
    Keep up the good work fellas!

  2. Matt B.

    My closet is amazing. I could not be more stoked.

    You guys do great work.

  3. Robert

    Thank you and I have truly enjoyed your product.

  4. Nate M.

    I’ve already decided to go with a grow locker from your line of products, as the incredibly high quality, customer support, and warranty makes it rather illogical to take my business elsewhere, especially considering the sizable financial investment that a purchase of this nature entails….

  5. Chris

    I have the Superlocker 2.0 which I purchased last summer and am very pleased to date.

  6. Chuck C.

    I have a super locker 3.0 with the basic 150 W that comes with the package and want to upgrade in power as well as cooler temps.on the veggies. Thank you Rory for your help. That is serious customer service when the COO helps you after the sale. ;0) helping me understand my options will help me prepare my budget. Thanx

  7. Nancy I.

    I heart you guys. I’m putting a Supercloset in the novel I’m writing, that’s how much I love you guys.

  8. JJ

    Wanted to report that I love and am very pleased with my new Superlocker and also the way it was packaged.

    I have one small issue. Just one of the 2″ Net Cups is cracked which and looks like it was missed inspection from the company that manufactures it. The cup will not fit flush with the reservoir lid. Everything else is great!

  9. Nancy I.

    My tomatoes are flourishing! I’ve figured everything out now and couldn’t be happier to have this all-conditions growing system. I may try sunflowers next and send you some!

  10. Rob T.

    just want to let you know that the two lockers arrived today! Great job so far.
    Really appreciate. Can’t wait to unpack the package.

    Greetings from Germany

  11. Amanda M.

    Hey guys!! I received my super locker and I am LOVING it!! Me and my husband had it up and running in no time at all!! Thanks a million and keep up the amazing work.

  12. Rob H.

    Hey guys just wanted to let you know how happy I am so far with my super locker! My first grow is under way and all is good in the universe!

  13. Edmund

    Outstanding! Nice work fellas. She’s everything I thought she’d be and more 😉

  14. Jennifer W.

    Thank you guys I love my new closet, you have a good quality product. I am very happy with my purchase. My question is, when the time comes to purchase replacement items ( example: filter sok, fan, lights, ect…) am I able to do that thru you? And once again thank you for offering such a great product!!

  15. Christopher S.

    Firstly can i just say this is the second time i’ve been in touch with you guys and the customer service is the best i have ever had ever anywhere, i haven’t given you guys a single penny yet and still i’m blown away buy the correspondence, so from what i’ve researched i think the hps is the best for what i’m planning on growing.
    Again man, thank you.

  16. Phil K

    Hi, Aaron!
    Many thanks. I got my LED Superlocker last week. Took awhile getting from Miami, but i’m delighted with the service and product. Packaging and info were all perfect. Thanks again for all your help. I’m hoping would you be able to help me place an order for extra nutrients sometime soon?
    Here’s hoping!

  17. Derek B.

    This super locker kicks ass. I’m amazed at the rapid thick root development so quickly.

  18. Robert B.

    ..hey just a quick note, the order arrived in perfect condition, looked like it was shipped from across the street!!! AND special kudos to your packing department, I have never ever received anything this well packed and organized….I wish amazon took some lessons from you guys….next step, putting it all together and go…..I am just amazed the quality of service you and your staff provide….Now to unpack all the little packages and go from there…again thanks…robert.

  19. Robert B.

    I have been truly amazed at the quality of SuperCloset products. Even the outsourced accessories, from the kind led lighting system, right down to the air and water pumps, air stones, fans, timers, power strips, all first class products, not what you find at the big box stores like some sellers. It is worth every penny and a bargain!

  20. Tony M.

    I was VERY impressed with how everything was packaged and the quality of all the products included with my order. I utilized a hydroponics kit about 14 years ago, talk about a huge difference in product quality between then and now!

  21. Eli D.

    Nothing but good vibes for you & your company from down here sir :))
    The grows have been great, fun, educational and a conversation piece. Great investment and more enjoyment coming.

  22. JerryG.

    Your product and instructions filled my every need necessary to achieve my growing goals, completely!

  23. Jeff Stone (verified owner)

    Wow, when I opened the door and saw the cabinet completely filled with everything I ordered I was over whelmed. Man, how did they get all that stuff in there? I started with seeds and proceeded with my first grow, found out that the fan that was sent was non-functional, after an email and a couple days later I had a replacement with out being charged! Wow, again! I got to the flowering stage and had light leaks around the door, another email and a couple days later I had a some additional gasket material with out being charged! Double Wow! You guys have the best customer service ever and my first grow was a great success, I can’t thank you enough.

  24. Lawrence Tolson

    The grows were perfect from start to finish, love my grow box. The only thing I need Is a Bigger LED unit. Nobody know what was inside the cabinet, excellent odor control, and fits inconspicuously anywhere. Custom stickers or designs for the boxes would be cool, like fake wood decal or a bookshelf, or art by industry people. Thanks again for a great starter kit

  25. Justin (verified owner)

    I have been very pleased with my purchase thus far. It has been fun learning the ropes with it and has made things very simple. Smell still escapes tho so have a back up to work alongside the carbon scrubber.

  26. Mark Bushey

    A well put together package. Does everything as stated and with great results. I had an issue with one of my timers and they promptly shipped me a replacement. The trucking company bent over backwards to accommodate my hectic schedule. I would order from this company again without question.

  27. Joe Renteria

    Definitely worth the money! I’m on my 2nd run and have had great results for such a sleek compact unit. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I’m very happy with the production and excited to see how much better It can get!

  28. Joe Renteria

    Everything about this cabinet has been outstanding! You have everything you need to start and you don’t need to be an expert to have success. Great product definitely worth the money!

  29. Stephen Fetzner

    Great yield for compact space.

  30. Joshua

    I have had the Superlocker 3.0 HOS for over three years now and this thing is amazing. The tomatos are looking amazing always and The phone support is the Shiznit!! You guys are doing one hell of a Job. The only complaint That I would say is that when I recived the Locker I had the air bubble rocks broken and It would have been a headache to get it shipped to PR so I had to Buy all 4. Other than that everyhting is on Point.

  31. Loren

    This was my first attempt at a grow, and thanks to your expertise I was completely successful! Everything about the SuperLocker 3.0 LED was exactly as shown online. The good: idiot proof/plug and play. Once put together you really can not fail at getting a great harvest, so for a first timer this was perfect. The bad: I hesitate to call this bad, but it could definitely be improved. The video instructions to assemble and grow are old and out dated compared to the product I received. Also the elbows on the back end are very loose, there is quite a bit of light leaks, and the mounting holes for the 6 outlet surge protector did not line up with the screws on the back of the box. Super Closet Customer Service was awesome at answering these question/needs, and got me some weatherstrip to solve the issues. The Locker is not perfect, it still leaks a little light, but I have it in a dark room, it permeates odor, but what I grow REALLY sticks, so,…..
    All in all this definitely is worth every penny spent, as a moron could set this up and grow a huge crop! Much love & props to the Super Closet team, PS, this is a real review from a real 3rd grow customer.

  32. Zachary (verified owner)

    I have now completed two harvests using my supercloset system. In many ways it’s great: despite being someone who struggles to keep houseplants alive I have found using the supercloset to be a piece of cake. My only complaint is that it’s loud. When they describe it as being quiet and discreet, what they mean is that it’s quieter than any other cabinet you can buy. Which I’m going to take their word for it that it is. But I had imagined it as an unassuming cabinet I could keep in the corner of my office and not have anyone give a second thought to. Instead it’s a cabinet that would be unassuming except that it sounds like it contains a small air conditioner. I bought a fan speed controller which helps (and honestly should come standard, as it can be very useful in regulating the temperature when it’s cold), but it’s still not quite what I thought I was getting.

  33. Tom

    It’s been 8.5 months and a bit of a learning curve to be sure, I needed to call in early on, and the support was everything they promised. Realistically this cabinet can hold 1-2 plants max, even though it might look like it will hold 8. That being said, for my 3rd crop I decided to go with one, and it’s magnificent!!! I had absolutely no experience when I ordered my system and it’s become a really nice hobby….not so big and time consuming that it’s work….I have found that auto flowers (run for 20hrs per day) are the best choice for me and this locker. I ordered the led glasses, and the extra nutrients which have been great. All in all, I would recommend this, or the slightly larger superstar for people who want a discreet and easy way to look after their personal needs.

  34. David (verified owner)

    Ok, so I got this via Old Dominion shipping and the experience was great. There was absolutely no damage to the exterior of the packaging, and the driver was friendly. I paid attention to the “Deny delivery if it is damaged stuff” but my package was pristine.

    I opened it up and my god they put some thought into how to package this thing. There were cardboard corners, barriers, loose material to reduce impact, very pleased with the amount of dedication they put in to shipping the unit. I had no damage whatsoever during shipping.

    So I go about setting the unit up. Here’s where a five star review is reduced to 4.

    I got a LED Soil Superlocker 3.0. Apparently they don’t have accurate instructions for these yet. My LED light enjoyed a different system of hanging than those described in the instructions, and I figured it out, only because I have had some experience messing around with customizing home built grow boxes before. I realize that products change (Kind LED hanging mechanism), and they certainly included the required parts, but the instructions were inaccurate.

    Included in the instructions were only those related to hydroponics. Get it. Easy to adjust, but if this is turnkey, tell me about MY system (quibbling here).

    It was kind of fun figuring out how to really make the thing work, despite the instructions. But, again, if this is being sold as “everything you need”, there is some mild personal adaption required still. Still though, every part supplied does have a purpose and works, just not well documented.

    Biggest plusses: Strong unit delivered in strong packaging. Turnkey (almost) solution. I get it.
    Biggest minuses: Instructions are old and not relevant to soil. Light leaks a little. Only one timer included, for the veg chamber only. Had to use my own from previous experience to set up the clone / germination chamber on 18/6 (starting from seeds). Worried about odorsok, but that is yet to be determined.

  35. Gregg

    Just received my SuperStar HPS soil 150w system. Setup was a breeze and required no tools. Took me about two hours to get everything unpacked and set up. The cabinet itself has a nice feel and is a good quality metal. Really loved how everything was light sealed, even between compartments, with a good quality foam tape. The cloner is of good quality as well. There is no active intake of fresh air but the 4 passive intake tubes at the back seem to be doing their job. We’ll see when summer hits here in So Cal. There are enough holes on the rear to add one if needed though by replacing one of the tubes cord with an intake fan. I also got the T5 supp side lights and combined with the HPS, you get a nice spectrum of light in the bottom chamber. It looks great. Also, Nate from Sales is an invaluable asset to this company. His customer service was amazing. He responded to all my questions quickly, helped me remove items I didn’t need from the package to lower price, and even gave me a discount on shipping! Guy is great! Thank you for being awesome! I will be recommending all my friends to you guys!

  36. G (verified owner)

    Just received my SuperLocker LED. I was immediately impressed with the quality of the construction of the locker and all the related equipment that came with it. My own personal experience is that you should print the instructions out and have them in hand. It felt overwhelming at first but i quickly realized that it wasn’t. I followed the instructions and highly suggest you take a well deserved break after each step.Speaking for myself it took 2 hours from receiving to being functional and grow ready. This is the perfect grower for someone like me who has very limited space. I highly reccommend this to anyone in the same situation as I. Will be “farming” in a few days ! Have a nice day.

  37. Andrew

    I had the pleasure of speaking with one of your fantastic representatives, Nathan, and it was one of the best customer service experiences of my life. I bought one of your products a couple months back and am at the harvest stage. This is my first time growing so this is all new to me. I called with a general idea of what I was planning on doing for the harvesting and curing stage, but Nathan really made everything make sense. I also ran across an unusual situation with one of my plants and he also offered good theories on why my plant is reacting a certain way. Overall, it was a wonderful experience. He was an extremely valuable resource and having a person like him available really gives your company the competitive advantage. I will recommend you to friends and family.

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