Should you use seeds or clones when beginning to grow? 12 Pros and Cons…..

Should you use seeds or clones when beginning to grow? As a SuperPro At SuperCloset, I regularly receive calls from most beginners asking whether they should use seeds or clones when beginning to grow in a SuperCloset Grow Cabinet or SuperPonics? Both have there pros and cons. As a beginner knowing some of these pros and cons may make your decision a little bit easier.

Seeds:  Start with seeds from a seed bank can be an easier and more rewarding experience for a new grower as you are able to witness the grow process from the true beginning and understand the source in which you are bringing new life.

The Pros:
  • If you buy from an established seed bank you will have an idea on how your plant will turn out in terms of quality, yield, looks,strain, and approximate flowering times.
  • You can purchase feminized seeds from the seed bank ensuring will receive only female seeds (only females plants produce flower) which would relieve the stress and worry about raising male plants and ruining your harvest.
  • The plant has been given the best chance to grow from a healthy start, being it doesn’t have a chance to start its young life with a disease or pests.

The Cons:

  • When germinating seeds, it is very common not to have 100% of the seeds sprout. This can be discouraging with some of the cost of seeds.
  • old seeds or seeds that have been improperly stored may cause the plant to be slow growing.
  • There is a chance you could receive male seeds, which if not recognized at the right time, can destroy your whole grow.
Clones: Starting with clones can be exciting and efficient, especially if you have a strain you have grown and love. Clones are an exact replica of the genetics from the mother plant it is pulled from.
The Pros:
  • Coming from a mother plant it guarantee the plants gender in being a female
  • it can give you a head start in regards to the time frame to harvest, You could save upwards of a 3-4 weeks by using clones.
  • Increase your success rate of making it to flower
The Cons:
  • Good clones even from a vendor are hard to find. some vendors will use pesticides or fungicides, unannounced to the buyer.
  • Even when you do find good clones having them shipped to you can be very traumatic for them and are likely to receive the plants in poor health.
  • Since clones are a genetic match to its mother plant, it can take on the mother plants diseases or carry a pest into your clone. And for a beginner, this can be very expensive and discouraging to continue growing.
These are some of the pros and cons… Good luck with your choice!!