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NEW Upgrade to our Award Winning Bubble Flow Bucket Hydropnic System

SuperPonics, the leading hydroponic system manufacturer, has just improved on the already award winning the design of its most popular hydroponic system, the Bubble Flow Buckets. SuperPonics has revamped this award winning system with a larger new 35 Gallon Custom Molded, UV Stable, Food Grade Heavy Duty Plastic Reservoir, as well as an upgraded linear air pump, providing quiet operation while delivering maximum oxygenation to your buckets. This upgrade to our industry leading low profile […]

The importance of PH Levels for Indoor Growing

Know how your pH levels affect your grow Know how your pH levels affect your grow and the importance of PH levels for your hydroponic grows.  The scientific term “pH” is an abbreviation that stands for “potential of hydrogen,” which is a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a solution. Although it is perhaps one of the most overlooked aspects, pH is very important in hydroponics and organic gardening. pH is measured on a scale of 1-14 with 7 being neutral. … Pure water […]

What does automated growing really mean

What does automated growing really mean when you are ready to get growing…. The Indoor gardening hobby is an exciting one. The visions of producing large lush herbs and flowers with automation is a very beautiful Utopian thought, especially nowadays with so many “automated” options to choose from, such as Super Closets inventory of grow cabinets and super grow rooms, the process can not only be rewarding but automated and hassle free. Although the terms […]

Should you use seeds or clones when beginning to grow? 12 Pros and Cons…..

Should you use seeds or clones when beginning to grow? As a SuperPro At SuperCloset, I regularly receive calls from most beginners asking whether they should use seeds or clones when beginning to grow in a SuperCloset Grow Cabinet or SuperPonics? Both have there pros and cons. As a beginner knowing some of these pros and cons may make your decision a little bit easier. Seeds:  Start with seeds from a seed bank can be an […]

Choosing the right indoor grow light for your space

Choosing the right indoor grow light for your area. Most people assume that more light means a greater yield and forget to take into consideration the second part of the equation which is area of plants.  While in most cases the more light the better, there is still always the possibility of the light being too powerful for the growing space. To determine the proper light for your growing space you must first determine the […]

What is the Best Grow Box For Me

What is the Best Grow Box For Me?  Today we answer this with 4 simple questions.  There is no one size fits all when it comes to indoor growing and I always tell our indoor growers to ask themselves the following questions….   1) How much space are you working with? Its important to have a realistic expectation of your usable space.  If you are looking to put your grow cabinet in your office you […]

Easy guide to Germination for Indoor Growing

In our Easy guide to Germination this week lets tackle the questions on germination for indoor growing and its vital role in starting plant life. Creating the appropriate environment for our seeds to flourish in its most volatile growth stage is extremely important.  We want to create a dark, warm, and humid environment to provide our seeds the optimal environment for success. Lets start with what you need. Grow medium (The SuperPro GrowTech preferred medium […]

Which growing medium is best, Soil or Hydro?

Which growing medium is best, Soil or Hydro? First time gardeners are faced with many choices when beginning their journey into the world of horticulture. One of the main questions asked by beginning gardeners is should I use Soil or Hydro as my grow medium?.  This question can be compared to choosing which type of vehicle one would choose to for the family car.  Knowing both vehicles get you from A to B its how […]

Understanding Male Plants-A Fathers Day Tribute

Understanding Male Plants-Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus couldnt be less true in the plant worlds.  As a SuperPro Growtech we get asked all the time by growers on how to know if they have male plants.  So I thought it would be a fitting fathers days post, as father myself, to write about the early detection signs and what to look for and an overall better understanding of male plants……. Identifying plant […]

How to Determine Yield expectations

As a Superpro Grow tech we get asked the question, “What are my yield expectations?” about as much as we do if we can give any discounts. As a indoor grower myself, I am always trying to maximize my yields in the shortest amount of time. SuperCloset has gone to great lengths to project accurate yield expectations for our customers. There are many variables in deciding the outcome of your yield but I will cover the […]

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