NEW Upgrade to our Award Winning Bubble Flow Bucket Hydropnic System

SuperPonics, the leading hydroponic system manufacturer, has just improved on the already award winning the design of its most popular hydroponic system, the Bubble Flow Buckets. SuperPonics has revamped this award winning system with a larger new 35 Gallon Custom Molded, UV Stable, Food Grade Heavy Duty Plastic Reservoir, as well as an upgraded linear air pump, providing quiet operation while delivering maximum oxygenation to your buckets. This upgrade to our industry leading low profile […]

Outdoor Growing Banned, Is your state next?

Outdoor Growing Bans Sweeping California, is your state next? California, SuperClosets home state, a pioneer in medical marijuana use and growing, has put the law in the hands of the local communities to decide each county’s fate on growing and distributing cannabis.  On January, 1 2016, California voted to allow counties to vote on their own growing regulations by 3/1/2016 or follow how the state decides to regulate growers across the state.   Does your county […]