What is the Best Grow Box For Me

What is the Best Grow Box For Me?  Today we answer this with 4 simple questions.

 There is no one size fits all when it comes to indoor growing and I always tell our indoor growers to ask themselves the following questions….
1) How much space are you working with?
Its important to have a realistic expectation of your usable space.  If you are looking to put your grow cabinet in your office you shouldn’t be looking at any cabinets bigger than the Superstar LED.  If you have a 1 bedroom apartment in New York City you shouldn’t be shopping the SuperCloset Led 5X5 SuperRoom or if you have a full available spare bedroom in your house why are you ordering the SuperBox CFL?
TIP-Measure out how much space you can realistically use and contact a SuperPro GrowTech for cabinet measurements.
2) How stealth do you need to be?
If you have a nosy neighbor or the significant other is not your biggest fan of growing indoors then it is prudent to focus on cabinets and not grow tents.  Though our grow tents have limited odor, our dual custom carbon filters with in our grow cabinets leave you with zero odor in addition to having lockable doors and the equivalent noise level of a household refrigerator.
TIP-If you need to be stealth grow with a cabinet.
3) What is your desired yield ?
Many growers already know in their minds what they are seeking for Harvest outcomes prior to shopping with us.  I always tell our growers to be thoughtful as the bigger the yields, the more work and the more time consuming your hobby is.  If you are looking for fruits and vegetables to grow for your family suppers then you will be happy with the SuperLocker or Superstar.  If you are wanting to provide fruits and vegetables for the neighbors and your restaurant then you will want to seek out a Deluxe, Nova, or SuperRoom.
TIP-Grow what you can manage.  What we WANT and What we NEED should be in harmony with what we can Give.
4) What is your budget and time commitment?
This is a tough one for most people to be honest with me about.  They think we are used car salesman when in reality we want you to have a manageable and affordable indoor growing option that you can use for a long time to come, enjoy your hobby, as well as get the desired results you are seeking.  So, be honest, dont stretch yourself thin as you will not see results for at least 3 months.  The bigger you grow the more time you will need to commit to tending and working your grow box.
TIP-All in all, you can narrow down your choices of What grow cabinet is right for you by asking yourself these 4 simple questions.  Of course there is a SuperPro Growtech just a phone call a way to help guide you through the growing process, 877-476-9787