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Order Your SuperPonics System Today Direct From SuperCloset for the LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEED. Order Yours Today Online, by Mail, or Call 1-877-GROW-SUPER. 

Feel free to come visit our Awesome SuperCloset Warehouse and Show Room to see your SuperPonic and/or VerticalPonic System in Action!  We always have Our Systems Thriving with Beautiful, Bountiful Vegetables & Herbs, 24/7! 


Call or email us at to become a potential  Reseller or one of the first  SUPERPONICS HYDROPONICS FRANCHISES IN YOUR AREA!

SuperCloset has many online and local resellers all over the county, so not to worry if you see our products listed elsewhere.  These companies are operating in accordance with the SuperCloset Standard Vendor Agreement. They are subject to the same pricing and delivery time as we are (since we build the cabinets), so if you notice a difference in pricing, please beware!  They may not be an approved Vendor/Reseller and therefore not subject to all of our guarantees!!!   WE OFFER THE LOWEST PRICE, GUARANTEED.  It is always best to order straight from SuperCloset in case there is any doubt about the validity of the reseller.

Please Ask Your Local Hydroponics Store if They Carry SuperPonics Systems.  Tell them WE offer your Guarantee AND your 3 Year Warranty AND your Lifetime Customer, Technical, and Grow Support ALL AT NO CHARGE!!! 

SuperCloset is accepting applications for resellers/retailers!
If you are interested in promoting and displaying our product please contact us at the following:
Happy Growing!

Career & Partner Opportunities

SuperCloset is expanding at an exponential rate thanks to careful direction and a booming industry.  While we are not accepting resumes at this time we will post job opportunities as they arise.

We have many partners and exclusive agreements with some of the finest manufacturers in the industry, but are always looking for great partners!  If you think you have a product that will compliment, and improve upon, our systems, please let us know!