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SuperStar Soil Grow Box 24”x 24” x 60”

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Complete your grow setup with these add-ons:

SuperRoom 2′ x 4′ Dryer Grow Tent Kit
SuperRoom 2′ x 4′ Dryer Grow Tent Kit Sale price$993.95 Regular price$1,094.95Save $101.00
SuperRoom 4′ x 4′ Dryer Grow Tent Kit
SuperRoom 4′ x 4′ Dryer Grow Tent Kit Sale price$1,193.95 Regular price$1,323.95Save $130.00
Efficient Seed Germination Kit for Healthy Plant Starts
SuperStar Soil Grow Box 24”x 24” x 60”
SuperStar Soil Grow Box 24”x 24” x 60” Sale price$1,953.95 Regular price$2,294.95Save $341.00

Includes the Following Components:


Including The World's Best Grow Light!

• 2X Increased PPF
• 50% More Efficient
• 3.5X Improved Light Distribution
• 2X Increased Diode Lifespan
• 38% Lighter


Red + IR + UV When & Where You Need It

UV and IR are essential for increasing flower development and ramping up secondary metabolite production which increases both potency and terpenes. Since this added spectrum is only needed in the late stages of flowering, we’ve placed it on a separately controlled channel so you can decide when you use it, eliminating wasted energy and avoiding unwanted stretching during the earlier stages of plant growth.


Targeted Full Spectrum vs Standard Full Spectrum

Full spectrum diodes used by white light LED companies were originally designed for home and office use. Kind’s Targeted Full Spectrum is specifically engineered for plants to maximize harvest weight and plant quality. Our spectrum is the result of hundreds of thousands of hours of field testing in Northern California’s medicinal plant industry.


Maximum Interior Light Dispersion

Redirecting precious photons back to your plant canopy, increasing side and lower budding up to 20%.


Stealth Cabinets Are Hidden In Plain Sight

Designed for stealth, our rust proof powder coated black painted cabinet blends into any room.


Locking Keyed Door For Maximum Security

We use a high quality locking mechanism to create the best security offered by any grow cabinet in the industry. One lock, one spare key, and 100% peace of mind.


2X Increased Thickness “Infra-Cool” Cabinet Safe

SuperCloset Grow Cabinets are not built like your typical office cabinet. With double thick walls, our Infra-Cool cabinet helps regulate the temperature for your plants, while increasing durability and security.


Lotus Nutrients Sample Kit

Lotus Nutrients simplifies plant nutrient mastery, enabling exceptional results in less time. Developed by experienced Northern California growers, their comprehensive 3-part nutrient system replaces complex recipes and supports plant development from seed to harvest. Suitable for all growing mediums, this all-inclusive formula delivers unparalleled outcomes in flowering and fruiting plants, making it perfect for both beginners and experienced growers.


Professional Internal Circulation Fans

Well-sized and strategically positioned internal circulation fans are crucial for circulating air throughout your growing space, creating an ideal environment for plant growth. Proper airflow helps prevent mold and mildew formation and reduces the likelihood of pest infestations.


Net Trellis System

Implementing a trellising system can boost your yields by up to 30%. Our net trellis system is specifically designed to work seamlessly with the tent included in your kit. Trellises provide support, separation, and guidance for your plants, ensuring equal spacing between them and promoting the development of a uniform canopy. This results in consistent light distribution and absorption for all plants, optimizing their growth potential.


Digital Thermometer / Hygrometer

This handy device gives you the ability to make certain that you are providing your plants with their ideal environment. Effectively measures indoor/outdoor temperature and indoor humidity. Stores the min/max values of your temperature and humidity. Switch between °C and °F. Clock function. 12/24 hour mode switch. Includes a waterproof temperature probe.


General Hydroponics pH Control Kit

Mastering pH balancing of water and nutrients is crucial for new growers, and the General Hydroponics pH Control Kit can expedite your learning process. This kit ensures that your pH remains stable and includes 8 ounces of pH Up, 8 ounces of pH Down, a 1-ounce indicator, and a vial. With this comprehensive kit, you can maintain perfect harmony in your nutrient mix, setting your plants up for optimal growth.


Industrial Power Strip

Protect your home by using the proper electrical equipment for your grow kit. Inadequate electrical devices can lead to damage and loss of property, as they may cause electrical imbalances while turning your gear on and off. These imbalances can inflict lasting, cumulative harm to your valuable equipment and create a potential electrical fire. By incorporating the 10-outlet industrial power strip that comes with a SuperCloset, you ensure secure, stable, and evenly distributed power through 10 grounded outlets. Remember, improper electrical equipment has resulted in significant damage and property loss for many. Grow safe and confidently with SuperCloset.


App-Controlled Intelligent Scheduling

You can now manage your growing system via your smartphone or tablet. Simply download the app and gain the ability to adjust and operate your grow light schedule from any location. If you opt for the hydroponics feature, you can also control the water pump timer, enabling you to establish the ideal top-feeding plan for your plants throughout their growth stages. Navigating through your grow stages to achieve a flawless harvest has never been more convenient!


GFCI Shock Buster

The GFCI Shock Buster is an important safety device to have in your indoor grow tent kit as it protects you from electrical shock by shutting off the power in the event of an electrical fault. It is easy to install and works by monitoring current flow in the electrical system, quickly shutting off power if there is a sudden increase in current. Electrical equipment, such as lights, fans, and pumps, are essential for indoor plant growth but can pose a significant risk if not handled properly. Having a GFCI Shock Buster in place adds an extra layer of protection against electrical hazards and can help keep you and your plants safe.


Lifetime Grow Support

Grow Like a Pro with Free Lifetime Grow Support. Every SuperCloset purchase provides you with unlimited access to grow support from our team of growing experts as well as our Grow Like a SuperPro video series. We are here to help you successfully grow your own.